Stabiliser Cattle

Stabilisers started at Cernioge Bach following a meeting  with Richard Fuller followed by a visit to Givendale to see the Cattle. We had our  first calves on the ground in 2001 and now run a multiplier herd  as part of the Stabiliser Cattle Company.

The aim is to keep a closed herd of Purebred Stabiliser cows were we can sell Heifers and Bulls. They are mainly all polled and are easy to handle because of there docile temperament. All the heifers are expect to calve at two years old.

The calves are always of  consistent uniform even when going from farm to farm and also they have an outstanding eating quality. They are working cows with no room for passengers.

The management of the herd is, all are run under commercial management and calve in spring. Most of the Heifers ( except for what we keep ) are sold through the Stabiliser company at about a year old as long as they are about 400kg. We also keep about 10 Bulls each year to sell and they will be within the top 10% of the EBV's

Stabiliser Cattle Company

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